High Voltage Engineering Technical Meeting

[General Chair] Masafumi Yashima(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
[Organizing Chair] Satoshi Ichimura(Hitachi, Ltd), Toshihiro Hoshino(TOSHIBA CORPORATION)
[Organizing co-chair] Hirokazu Matsumoto(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
Date 2nd,Aug,2018(Thu) 09:15 - 17:35
  3rd,Aug,2018(Fri) 09:15 - 11:20
Venue Polytechnique Montreal
Topics of interest Lightning, Transient Analysis and High Voltage Technics


(M2101) 2nd,Aug (Thu) 09:15 - 10:50 Theme: Special Session on EMTP
HV-18-085 Background and History of EMTP Development in Bonneville Power Administration
+Akihiro AMETANI(Polytechnic Montreal)
HV-18-086 EMTP-ATP - Non-commercial ElectroMagnetic Transients Program
+Mustafa Kizilcay(University of Siegen, Germany),Hans Kristian Hoidalen(Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)
HV-18-087 EMTDC/PSCAD – The Review
+Jeewantha De Silva,Rohitha Jayasinghe,Mohammad Shafieipour(MHI)
HV-18-088 Simulation of Power System Transients With EMTP: From Load-Flow to Time-Domain
+Jean Mahseredjian(Polytechnnique Montreal),Ulas Karaagac(Hong Kong Polytechnic),Ilhan Kocar(Polytechnique Montreal)
HV-18-089 An EMT Simulation Program XTAP and its Applications
+Toru Miki,Megumu Miki,Yohei Tanaka,Rikido Yonezawa,Taku Noda(CRIEPI),Naoki Itamoto,Hironao Kawamura,Kazuo Sinjo(Hokuriku Electric Power Company)
(M2101) 2nd,Aug (Thu) 11:15 - 12:50 Theme: Line/Cable Parameters and Modeling - I
HV-18-090 Review of Cable Constants / Parameters in EMTP
+Akihiro AMETANI(Polytechnic Montreal)
HV-18-091 Review of Earth-Return Impedance / Admittance and the Application to Surge Propagation on Overhead Lines
*Haoyan Xue,Akihiro Ametani,Jean Mahseredjian,Ilhan Kocar(Polytechnique Montreal)
HV-18-092 Review of Transmission Line Models for Electromagnetic Transients Analysis
*Miguel Cervantes,Ilhan Kocar(Polytechnique Montreal),Abner Ramirez(CINVESTAV-Guadalajara)
(M2101) 2nd,Aug (Thu) 14:15 - 15:30 Theme: Line/Cable Parameters and Modeling - II
HV-18-093 On the Use of 2-D Method-of-Moments in Power Systems Cable Modeling
*Mohammad Shafieipour,Jeewantha De Silva,John Nordstrom(Manitoba Hydro International Ltd.),Vladimir Okhmatovski(University of Manitoba)
HV-18-094 Identification of FDNEs Via Frequency-Partitioned Loewner Matrix Fitting Technique
*Edgar Medina(CINVESTAV Guadalajara),Jesus Morales(Polytechnique Montreal),Abner Ramirez(CINVESTAV Guadalajara)
HV-18-095 Effect of Elbow Part of Gas-Insulated Bus on Surge Propagation in GIS
Akihiro Ametani,*Masashi Natsui,Haoyan Xue,Jean Mahseredjian(Polytechnique Montreal),Takashi Goto(Kansai Electric Power Co.)
(M2101) 2nd,Aug (Thu) 15:55 - 17:35 Theme: Transformer and Arc Related
HV-18-096 Wideband Transformer Model for EMT simulations
+Salarieh Bamdad(University of Manitoba),Jeewantha De Silva,Mohammad Shafieipour(MHI)
+Hiroki Tanaka,Hirokazu Miyaguchi(WEST JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY),Naoto Nagaoka(Doshisha University)
HV-18-098 [withdrawn]
HV-18-099 Current Density Characteristics of a Compact Fabric CFRP Panel
*Takeshi Nishiyama,Kazuo Yamamoto,Shinichi Sumi(Chubu University)
(M2101) 3rd,Aug (Fri) 09:15 - 11:20 Theme: Lightning Protection
HV-18-100 Lightning Overvoltage Analysis of a mixed 380-kV HVAC Transmission Line
*Simon Papenheim,Pawel Malicki,Mustafa Kizilcay(University of Siegen)
HV-18-101 Lightning Protection and EMC designs for Renewable Energy Sources
+Toshihisa FUNABASHI(University of the Ryukyus),Kazuo YAMAMOTO(Chubu University),Shozo SEKIOKA(Shonan Institute of Technology)
HV-18-102 Lightning Damage Incident and Protection on Power Cables Connected to Aviation Lights on an Airport Runway
+Kazuo Yamamoto,Tsubasa Kai,Shinichi Sumi(Chubu University),Shozo Sekioka(Shonan Institute of Technology)
HV-18-103 Discussion of a Simple Model for Multiphase Flashover Analysis in Medium Voltage Line
+Shozo Sekioka(Shonan Institute of Technology)
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