Power Engineering Technical Meeting
  [General Chair] Koshichi Nemoto(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
  [Organizing Chair] Takayoshi Kamejima(Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions), Rikido Yonezawa(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
Date 30,Oct,2018(Tue)  -
  31,Oct,2018(Wed) 9:00 - 18:00
  1,Nov,2018(Thu)  -
Venue ARA Convention Hall, Jeju National University, Republic of Korea
Co-host Jeju National University, and the IEEE Seoul Section PES Chapter
Co-sponsor Collaborative Research Committee for Advanced Power System by Integration of Various Power and Energy Technologies (APSI)
Topics of interest Power engineering in remote island power systems, off-grid power systems, and general power systems (generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power electronics, etc.)


(ARA Convention Hall) 31,Oct (Wed) 9:00 - 11:00 Theme: Microgrid
Session chair: Chul-Hwan Kim(Sungkyunkwan University)
PE-18-186 A Study on Coordinated Operation Scheduling of Controllable Components in Microgrids
Hirotaka Takano,Ryota Goto(Gifu University),*Soe Thin Zar(PTTEP International Limited, Yangon Branch),Hiroshi Asano(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
PE-18-187 A Simple and Accurate Photovoltaic Forecast for Microgrid Energy Management System
+Yutaka Sasaki,Yasuaki Izawa(Hiroshima University),Liying Ma(Concordia University),Naoto Yorino,Yoshifumi Zoka(Hiroshima University)
PE-18-188 Operation Scheduling and Demand Response Capacity Prediction of Heat Pump Water Heater in Spa Facility
*Ken-ichi Kondo,Hiroki Tanaka,Yu Takeuchi,Jumpei Baba(The University of Tokyo)
PE-18-189 [withdrawn]
PE-18-190 Study of Reduction Effect of Photovoltaics Limitation by Use of Heat Pump Water Heater in Small Power System
*Jun Tamura,Ken-ichi Kondo,Jumpei Baba(The University of Tokyo)
PE-18-191 A History of Power Supply in an Off-grid Power System and Introduction of Electric Vehicles
+Toshihisa FUNABASHI(University of the Ryukyus),Masahide HOJO(Tokushima University),Hirotaka TAKANO(Gifu University),Tomonobu SENJYU,Atsushi YONA(University of the Ryukyus),Shigeyuki SUGIMOTO,Masaki IMANAKA,Takeyoshi KATO(Nagoya University)
(ARA Convention Hall) 31,Oct (Wed) 11:00 - 13:00 Theme: Generation etc.
Session chair: Yutaka Sasaki(Hiroshima University)
PE-18-192 Modeling and Analysis of Brushless PM Generator for Micro-Hydro System
*Mohd Saufi Ahmad,Kenji Yamanaka,Masahide Hojo(Tokushima University),Raja Nor Firdaus Kashfi Raja Othman(Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka)
PE-18-193 Study of Power Supply System for Disaster-robust Zero Energy Vehicle (part 4)
*Yohei Kubo,Yasuhiro Noro(Kogakuin University)
PE-18-194 Optimal Allocation of Electrolyzer Systems for Reducing Opportunity Loss of PV and Producing CO2-free Hydrogen
*Junya Nishimura,Akiko Takahashi,Xuefe Yang,Jun Imai,Shigeyuki Funabiki(Okayama University)
PE-18-195 Performance Analysis of Coils for Wireless Power Transfer
*Chia Wei Chu,Yao Ching Hsieh(National Sun Yat-sen University)
PE-18-196 Cancellation signal issue by using islanding detection method based on inject pertubation signal and rate of change of output power in DC network-Connected Photovoltaic system
*Thanh Son Tran(Shibaura Institute of Technology),Duc Tuyen Nguyen(Hanoi University of Science and Technology),Goro FUJITA(Shibaura Institute of Technology)
PE-18-197 DPWM-Controlled Indirect Matrix Converter to Suppress Common-Mode Voltage
Tzung-Lin Lee,*Wen-Mei Huang(National Sun Yat-sen University)
(ARA Convention Hall) 31,Oct (Wed) 14:00 - 16:00 Theme: Operation and control etc.
Session chair: Yao-Ching Hsieh(National Sun Yat-sen University)
PE-18-198 Investigation on Effect of Charging/Discharging Range on Capacity Degradation of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
*Li-Ren Yu,Yao-Ching Hsieh(National Sun Yat-sen University),Hau-Chen Yen(Far East University)
PE-18-199 A Study on Economic Evaluation of Independent Photovoltaic Charging Spot for Electric Vehicle
*Morigen Tian,Shoji Kawasaki(Meiji University)
PE-18-200 Decision of Energy Storage Capacity in PV Power Smoothing Control System Using AR Model
*Koki Tamura,Akiko Takahashi,Jun Imai,Shigeyuki Funabiki(Okayama University)
PE-18-201 Preliminary Study of Interaction between Distribution System Operator and Exchange System of Surplus PV Output
*Moriaki Sano,Takumi Nagatsuka,Koudai Kushino,Nobuyuki Yamaguti(Tokyo University of Science)
PE-18-202 A HIL Simulation of Islanding Operation using Single-phase Synchronous Inverter
*Yuki Nakamura,Shinya Sekizaki,Kosuke Matsuo,Naoto Yorino,Yutaka Sasaki,Yoshifumi Zoka(Hiroshima University)
PE-18-203 Preliminary study on factors of fault alarms by insulation monitoring devices on premises based on data from maintenance business systems
*Ai Yokote,Nobuyuki Yamaguchi(Tokyo University of Science),Kaneharu Kato,Masami Suzuki(Kanto Electrical Safety Inspection Association)
(ARA Convention Hall) 31,Oct (Wed) 16:00 - 18:00 Theme: Power quality etc.
Session chair: Hirotaka Takano(Gifu University)
PE-18-204 Voltage Control by Reactive Power Control of Photovoltaic Generation System and Voltage Regulator in Low Voltage Distribution Network
*Go Nakai,Masahide Hojo,Kenji Yamanaka(Tokushima University)
PE-18-205 A Study on the Optimal Placement Method of Step Voltage Regulator considering Violation Zone in Distributed Generation Interconnected Distribution System
*Jae-Yun Shin,Jin-Sol Song,Ji-Soo Kim,Gyu-Jung Cho,Chul-Hwan Kim(Sungkyunkwan University),Thin Zar Soe(University of Fukui)
PE-18-206 Model Predictive Load Frequency Control using Unscented Kalman Filter
*Chongkai He,Adelhard Beni Rehiara,Yutaka Sasaki,Naoto Yorino,Yoshifumi Zoka(Hiroshima University)
PE-18-207 Power Quality Enhancement by Output Power Regulation of Photovoltaic Generation System in an Off-Grid Power System
Masahide Hojo,Hiroyuki Nakagawa,Hibiki Kawaguchi,Kenji Yamanaka(Tokushima University),+Toshihisa Funabashi(University of the Ryukyus),Masaki Imanaka,Takeyoshi Kato(Nagoya University)
PE-18-208 Preliminary Study of Load Model Using Structural Equation for Voltage Stability
*Kozue Hirata,Nobuyuki Yamaguchi(Tokyo University of Science)
PE-18-209 [withdrawn]


* Date October 30 (Tuesday)-November 1(Thurdsday), 2018 Day1, October 30: Registration and welcome reception Day2, October 31: Workshop (Oral sessions) and official banquet Day3, November 1: Technical Tour